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WE WERE BORN TO CREATE!  Welcome to Mysteriously Made, a FUN and interactive excavation of who you really are through creating art!  Mysteriously Made is dynamic, powerful, imaginative, and unique! From our individual art kits which encourage you to create an outward expression of yourself, to bonding with others, exploring our mutual vulnerabilities and making new friends, in our Empowerment Workshops, Mysteriously Made has proven to be a game changer!  


Creating art with your family and friends, laughing, and organically sharing naturally leads to stress relief, helping to break down communication barriers! Additionally, working within organizations on team building teaches us how to better communicate within the workplace. Whatever you choose - Mysteriously Made has you covered!  


We are all Mysteriously Made…We are all Art…We are all unique…BUT in so many ways we REALLY are the same…in part because to say it again, WE WERE BORN TO CREATE!

If you are curious and wanting to start a journey that is sure to be personal, joyful, fun for all ages, and cathartic for all who participate reach out today and let’s get you or your group on the path towards enlightenment through the arts to help you embrace who you are while furthering your dreams, visions, and goals!  It’s sure to be an experience and it’s sure to be mysteriously made by you.

Take a journey of self-exploration through Mysteriously Made! At this time, please use our CONTACT page through the button below to reach out for more information regarding all aspects of Mysteriously Made. We offer private workshops, group projects, and team building events as well as “Kits and Subscriptions!” Someone will be in touch within 48 hours of your inquiry with more information regarding all things MYSTERIOUSLY MADE! We can’t wait to share!

Mysteriously Made

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