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Welcome to
The Tarnished Rainbow!

Hi! I’m Nancy Robbins, owner and creator of The Tarnished Rainbow

Local to Garland, TX,  I am a mixed media artist who loves all things color, found objects, and the unusual! 


I’ve been creating art since age 12 (when I began by pinning patterns into bars of soap with brightly colored pearl straight pins) often gifting them to teachers, neighbors, and random strangers.


My love of mixed media began at an early age where I began hoarding collections of small objects I would find in the street.  I somehow felt I was saving them as much as helping-out Mother Nature when I took them home and safely tucked them away.  As an adult all those treasures began to find permanent homes within in my art and each piece inspired me all over again! 


My love of great music (across all genres) led to the creation of my bohemian bells a few years back!  I see these bells as a visual representation of the sound music notes make and I often name them after the artist who’s wafting through my speakers in the distance while I’m stringing them.  


I loved those 70’s Lava Lamps, and to this day love all kinds of ambient lighting, so the natural progression my art took was to illuminate it and that’s how my Hue Fusion Illumination Light Boxes were created combining color explosions with light! I often use upcycled cigar boxes with abstract art once again saving found objects from over-filling landfills! 


Windows of Wonder have become the latest addition at The Tarnished Rainbow! They are what I like to call a “hippie version” of stained glass and still incorporate my love of mixed media.  Whimsical on one side and dreamy on the other, is what makes these windows the perfect addition to any window or sun porch in your home!  Two completely different looks from the inside out or the outside in!


I find a lot of beauty in imperfection and my art embraces all the flaws and the rough edges of every object I use!  I try to show myself and others the same grace for there is beauty in each and everyone!   I have an artist’s heart and a passion for service and connecting people and resources.  I, like my art, are works in progress and I am always creating new, or re-creating my wares, my styles and myself!



(214) 755-8975



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